Alfresco Installation Steps

Alfresco Installation  Steps (alfresco 4.2d)

If not already done, install the jdk on your machine.

a. Set the standard Environment Variables (JAVA_HOME, etc).

b. Set the non-standard Environment Variables (JAVA_OPTS).

Install OpenOffice.

    1.       Download alfresco and tomcat 7.0.42 or above.
    2.       Create Folder Named  “Alfresco “
    3.       Put Tomcat inside Alfresco Folder.
    4.       Copy content of “alfresco-community-4.2c/bin” to “tomcat/bin”.
    5.       Copy “alfresco-community-4.2c/web-server/shared” &  
            “alfresco-community-4.2c/web-sserver/endorsed”  folder into “tomcat ”
    6.       Copy files “alfresco.war “and “share.war” from “alfresco-community-4.2c/web-server/webapps”                 folder to “tomcat/webapps/”
    7.       Copy “mysql.jar”(your dbms driver file) inside “tomcat/lib”.

    8.       Open “Alfresco\Tomcat\shared\classes\” in notepad++.

    9.       Create database inside mysql,give that db name in ;

   10.       Uncomment  from below line and set appropriate property to them
                db.username=root   //username of dbms user
                db.password=root   // password of dbms user
                    Here DBNAME is your mysql database name.

   11.   Open the “tomcat/conf/” file.
   12.   Change the value of the shared.loader= property to the following    
   13.   Open the "D:\Alfresco\Tomcat\bin\catalina.bat" file.
   append below line in “JAVA_OPTS” variable(it may be on line number 182)

   -Xms512M -Xmx512M -XX:MaxPermSize=512M

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