Being an highly motivated individual who enjoys new challenges. Travelling, Music and Programming are the most important thing which i would like to do in my spare time.If i talk about technical things then, technical growth is the most important thing in which my self believes.Learning new technologies and consuming them is the goal of my life.It feels really great of achieving the goal of clearing alfresco certification and becomming alfresco certified engineer.Towards the journey of my life, I would like to continue clearing the certification which can add value in my personal and professional growth.

Children always have more curiosity compare to adult.When I was 10 year old , I spend lot of time solving the Rubik's cube.After  struggling  a lot, I was able to make the 2 side of cube.After that for few years it was always been mystery.At the age of 21(8th-June-2012) I found an algorithm for solving an Rubik's cube and that was the first day when i resolved all the sides of Rubik's cube.Today it is taking 1 minute and 30 seconds to solve the Rubik's cube puzzle.

People are always giving an example of aeroplane when there dream is to build something which is kind of impossible in today's world.For me that thing will be to build a time machine.Though I haven't started any thing on it yet except researching on few things about it like theory of general relativity which is almost known by many person.It says the If we travel faster than the light then it will be possible to travel in time.